Acts 2:42-47

a2c Youth

youth sermon

The teen years are a tough age for kids as they struggle to figure out who they are as individuals away from their parents and family. Unfortunately, it is also during this time which many kids begin to fall away from God and His calling on their lives.

It is the goal of a2c Youth to ensure there is a solid foundation in Christ and equip them to make wise Biblical decisions during this difficult time. The lessons are focused on the real issues teens deal with such as friends, technology, social media, drugs, alcohol, pre-marital sex, latest trends, and parents (yes parents!), all while trying to follow Jesus.

a2c youth is designed with the idea of preparing teens to truly live a life for Christ. This includes lifestyles and actions both in and out of church based especially on their need to support, lead, and serve.

We can’t guarantee that every teen is going to walk out totally “sold out” for God but we can promise to give them the tools to make it a possibility.