Acts 2:42-47

About Us


Sundays 10:00 a.m.
Wednesdays 6:30 p.m.
8595 103rd St.
*For map/driving directions see the link under “Contacts”

When and where we have services is pretty easy…let’s cover how. We pray this walk through will ease any discomfort you might have about attending a new church.

When you get to the location we are the big metal, warehouse-looking building! But blessings from God through His people have achieved many upgrades that end the industrial look at the doors.

Your visit with us will begin with our door greeters that truly represent our church, meaning they will range in age and gender and will be wearing anything from shorts to dresses.

On Sunday mornings before service we have a light breakfast available to allow some time of fellowship before service. On Wednesday evenings we are even more casual and you probably will not see a door greeter but there will be kids running around and friendly people inside the foyer, fellowship area, sanctuary, and wherever else they can get.

Near our back entry doors you will see a sign-in sheet for a2c Kids (children’s ministry). This will be the area you drop-off and pick-up your children from newborn-12 year olds. Their classes are located on our education floor that is kept secured. You are always welcome to tour the area 20 minutes prior to or following services.

As service time approaches you will start seeing people heading towards our sanctuary (door to the right if you enter from front). This is a great time to find your seat wherever you are comfortable. There is no special seating and we do not “recognize” our guests during service. We understand you are new and may desire to remain more of an on-looker.

During music time you will notice it gets considerably darker. We intentionally dim the lights to allow people to worship however they are comfortable. You will see some standing, some sitting, some hands raised, and even some just kneeling in prayer. Feel free to do what allows you to worship through music. The music is much more contemporary although it is not uncommon to hear a “jazzed” up hymn sometimes.

When the lights come back up it’s time for the Word. The teaching, though it is sprinkled with (sometimes) amusing portions, will always be Biblical. All of the messages center around the Word of God and focus on how we go about serving Him better…because only One has mastered it.

When service concludes you are welcome to stay and meet our pastor, socialize with new friends, or simply head out to where God leads you.

At Acts2 Church we firmly believe that we can change our clothes, change the music, but we cannot change the Word of God. With that we pray that you will come visit us and be ready to praise God with a bunch of messes just trying to serve Him as best we can.